'''my babygirl...
In madness, I wept for Sanity
Flaunting my sorrow in disbelief
How could this be actually
Your morning glory was opening in haste you left too soon I kiss the sweetness of your being
Peace be with you my beauty
I called you the dance of the angels

and now, I know why!'''

Daisy's Alias:
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
Dance of the Angels
Angel Face
Baby - girl

Daisy answered to these like they were her own name!

i wish
Daisy, your head tilted to one side...
a slight smile with parted lips
your hair tossed and falling around
you sweet face,
I wished I hugged
and kissed you more...
who knew that fate would steal you from my sight
leaving unfading visions of your face, never ever
to be again...
missing you
loving you
to be


With all the colors that one can pick
all the shades of the rainbow
thousands of tints and hints of colors,
I choose you with each new day a blue sky above me around me, before me...
with such wonders when day is done and the sky, so mysterious so beautiful as the sun bids us adieu with glorious clouds of orange, lavender and pink and in every flower I see the gift of God...
and the beauty that is so fragile and so short lived... i choose you.

Victoria Y. Keith '99


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