Daisy Keith
June 26th, 1969 - April 17th, 1997

Daisy I love you and miss you
so it's sad that you're gone from this world
why couldn't I and all the people who loved you
help you, heal you, save you... its so lonely without your joyfullness,
loveliness, hearing your voice and your laughter;
I look for you everywhere - there's a hole in my heart it's hollow and empty
so hard to accept your dying young the things I thought you wanted...
I wanted for you. doesn 't really matter now that you're gone
you were too fragile too gentle a soul, I miss seeing you,
watching you like a mother can do...
your beauty and goodness, that magic was you,

  -Victoria Y. Keith
to Daisy and my Mother,
you gave me so much joy and artistry,
more roses than I could ever hold.
O, sweet Baby of mine,
O, dear Mama of mine,
thank you.



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