Granny Girl
Daisy Young (August 28th, 1914 - January 9th, 1998)

She was a whisper of a woman,
lovely to see and so gracious a being,
one would almost not realize her because
she was so selfless and unassuming.

Yet, she stood out in a crowd, because of this
her strength was in loving God; God was
the Almighty maker of all things and she stood
fast and strong with love to guide her.

Her talents were endless, her beauty glowed
with her love for us, happy to be with us living
our lives...seeking only our happiness was joy.

I named my daughter Daisy after my mom. Both
my parents lived with Brian and I until their deaths.

If angels walked this earth, my mom was surely
an angel. She filled our lives with goodness
and joy, with love so pure.

Untill we meet again, sweet mother of mine,
I will always miss you, Brian and Plumpudding,
my Daisy. xoxox



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