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Daisy Leialoha Keith

She was born in a little hospital in Hollywood, California on June 26, 1969 before Noon. All during my pregnancy, I always knew I was going to have a girl, a daughter...looking at the doctor as he placed her on my tummy...for me to see my baby girl. With her very first breath and glance at the world, and at me, I knew...she had magic.

Daisy had the smile of her Daddy, Brian, and that wide twinkling look with such magnetism. Her lower lip was just like her Daddy's too, that could turn into a playful pout so quickly. She was a joy to be with...her energy and beauty was hypnotic and intoxicating...and when she was delicate and soft like cats do, so graceful and poised.

She loved to perform different characters and voices...Daisy's talents were hidden to most, but we, lucky few, would laugh until we had tears in our eyes. We loved her dearly, my parents were devoted to her and her brother, Bobby.

Sadly, Daisy took her own life on April 16, 1997.

One of the last things my dearest Mother told me when I asked her, "Why...?", not really expecting an answer...Granny-Girl said, "God knows why...and He is the Almighty God, He is the Greatest One...Daisy is with Him now."

Lovely Daisy, brought joy to us. Her vivacious personality and beauty...even now, when I look at her pictures, I can feel her energy radiating...smiles and kisses. Thank you for your visit.

In this section of the web site, I would like to share some pictures of Daisy...and as I discover more of them, her things, passions, writings...

Daisy, Daisy give me your'm half crazy over the loss of you!


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