Victoria Keith's book
Goodbye, Lambchops and Plumpudding
is finished!
Here is a page from the long awaited book:

Nine days after losing Brian, July, 1997

I weep...but alone I weep in silence the silence that in
darkness covers my body and soul comforting my pain
of loss...surrounding me in a circle of safety from all
my other thoughts that want to hinder the truth that is
so real and evident. Such is the gift of tears, it just
washes away all falsehoods leaving one elevated to a
place that is weightless and painless with a calmness
and sweetness. We all have tasted salty tears as we
witness our inner battle being human, licking our tears
and thinking how strange it is to experience this moment.
For all of you who loved and lost someone dear to your can't be mended or fixed it doesn't get any
better. Knowing love is the only thing we never lose.

~ vkeith

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